The Why Behind #SmileMail®

The concept of #SmileMail® was born from our own roots. There are a lot of ways businesses are started but for us, it started from nothing more than one woman giving entrepreneurship a go. It isn’t easy breaking into the business world dealing with corporations when you wear every hat and really every penny counts. So how does one make a statement and ultimately begin to brand their business without a substantial upfront investment in far more product than they initially need?

We solved our own challenge by developing #SmileMail® - a semi-custom line of shipping supplies designed with everyone in mind. We offer a large variety of trending designs that are easily applicable to one’s taste and help to create your brand image. #SmileMail® is available starting in quantities of twenty five so every entrepreneur can reap the rewards of making each shipment they send truly memorable.

Technically, this is why we created SmileMail® but philosophically we had a much deeper reason. Our goal is to have every interaction with those we encounter to be pleasant ones and what better way to do so stemming from an online transaction with otherwise minimal interaction? Imagine seeing your customer smile when they open their mailbox to find the thoughtful package you sent with those little extra touches to brighten their day? That’s what this is all about and the result is in our name.

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