Custom Mailers Create Unboxing Joy


verb (used with object)

to remove (a new product or desirable purchase) from its box or packaging, especially for others to see.

Every time I receive a plain white poly mailer at my door, I ask myself what is this retailer thinking? They make beautifully designed shopping bags at the retail store for everyone to see their brand carried throughout the shopping center and then mail their products in a generic poly mailer. I have to look at the return label to see who sent it and often times it was just the shipping department. Which one?

Tell the world who you are, show your customers you care, and create excitement for them when their package is in their hands. Not only are you conveying your image to the customer immediately, you are also advertising yourself while in transit and making your unique company brand pop! And who knows, maybe even ending up on youtube during the famed unboxing videos!

  • Minimum Quantity: 10,000 units per size
  • Mailers can be white or color exterior with any color lining.
  • White Mailers Can be flood coated with ink for a full coverage print
  • Print as many as 12 colors per mailer/separate plate for each is required
  • No need to use our size dimensions – you choose the exact size of your mailer
  • Client supplied artwork in AI or PDF format.

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